Our Amazing Fleet

Lakeside Volunteer Rescue Squad has a remarkable fleet of three Wheeled Coach ambulances, one quick response vehicle (QRV), one Utility/Reserve QRV, and a Kubota UTV. Our ambulances are van chassis and are classified as type III ambulances. All are equipped with Stryker Power Load System and a Stryker Power Cot.

Our ambulances have multiple exterior and interior compartments to store specialty equipment used to provide treatment and care to our patients in their time of need. Each ambulance has a Zoll monitor/defibrillator and a full range of basic and advanced life support supplies and medications. The Virginia Department of Health – Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) regularly inspects our fleet and equipment to ensure they meet or exceed state requirements. Every ambulance and QRV is licensed by OEMS as Advanced Life Support Units.

Regional Numbering

You may notice that image at the top of the page has units with two-digit numbers while those below have three. This is because, in 2021, all Fire and Emergency Services vehicles in Henrico County transitioned from a two-digit county numbering convention to a three-digit regional numbering convention.

In a large-scale incident where multiple fire and EMS agencies and vehicles respond from multiple jurisdictions, it could become chaotic for incident commanders, dispatchers, and hospitals receiving and tracking multiple units with the same two-digit numbers. To further reduce any chance of communication errors within the county, the second digit for volunteer squads (6 for Lakeside VRS and 7 for Tuckahoe VRS) indicates the agency that the vehicle is from, and the last digit corresponds to the actual unit itself. For most Fire Departments in the region, the first digit designates the county while the last two digits correspond to the station the unit is from (Ex: Medic 305 is an ambulance from station 5, Medic 310 is an ambulance from station 10, Medic 365 is an ambulance from Lakeside , and Medic 375 is an ambulance from Tuckahoe). This also reduces radio confusion since none of the volunteer stations have numbers that correspond with any fire stations, eliminating conflicting unit numbers. Now dispatchers, hospitals, and other responders know when they hear a 360 series that it’s a Lakeside unit.

Ambulance 365

2014 CHEVROLET G4500 Wheeled Coach. This is our only remaining diesel-fueled ambulance.

Ambulance 366

2021 Ford E450 chassis with a 2014 box Wheeled Coach

Ambulance 367

The chassis is a 2021 Ford E450 chassis with a Wheeled Coach 170″ module box mounted on it.

QRV 369

Our Quick Response Vehicle (QRV) is a 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe. This vehicle transports Advanced Life Support personnel quickly and safely to any emergency scene. The Tahoe can carry up to four passengers and is stocked with medical supplies, including lifesaving medications and the same advanced equipment found on all of our ambulances. Typically you’ll only see 1-2 providers on this unit.

This was our first vehicle to be outfitted with a Low-Frequency Siren. The Low-frequency tones work simultaneously with the primary siren, producing penetrating/vibrating low-frequency sound waves that get attention and clear traffic more effectively than a standard siren tone

QRV/Utility 360

2020 Dodge RAM 2500. We utilize this vehicle as a Reserve QRV and a utility truck. You may see us using it to tow EMS Cart 368 around the area for special events.

EMS Cart 368

Kubota UTV with a custom bed insert that carries a full-sized Stryker manual stretcher, Zoll Heart monitor and defibrillator oxygen, complete immobilization equipment, and much more. There is also seating in the rear for an EMS Provider to render aid while traveling in the back.

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