Our Fleet

Lakeside Volunteer Rescue Squad has a remarkable fleet of three Wheeled Coach ambulances, one quick response vehicle (QRV), one utility/reserve QRV, and a Kubota UTV. Our ambulances are based from a van chassis and are classified as type III ambulances and all are equipped with Stryker Power Load System along with a Stryker Power Cot.

Our ambulances have multiple exterior and interior compartments to store all of our equipment which is used to help patients in there time of need. Each ambulance is equipped with a Zoll monitor/defibrillator, and a full range of both basic and advanced life support supplies and medications. All are certified as Advanced Life Support Transport Units.

In 2021, all Fire and EMS services in Henrico County switched to the regional numbering system. As a result, out units became 60’s series numbers in the 300 bank, i.e. 360-369. This is why some pictures will show our old unit numbers (11-19) and the new ones, but all of our unit’s last digits remained the same. For example, what was 17 is now 367.

Ambulance 365

2014 CHEVROLET G4500 Wheeled Coach. This is our only remaining diesel fueled ambulance.

Ambulance 366

2021 Ford E450 chassis with a 2014 box Wheeled Coach

Ambulance 367

The chassis is a 2021 Ford E450 chassis with a Wheeled Coach 170″ module box mounted on it.

QRV 369

Our quick response vehicle is a 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe. This vehicle is used to transport an Advanced Life Support provider to any scene. The Tahoe can carry up to four passengers and an abundance of medical supplies including lifesaving medications and the same advanced equipment found on all of our ambulances. Typically you’ll only see 1-2 providers on this unit. This was our first vehicle that utilized a low pitch vibrating tone in addition to its standard siren.

QRV/Utility 360

2020 Dodge RAM 2500. We utilize this vehicle as a Reserve QRV and a utility truck to transport Cart 368.

Cart 368

Kubota UTV with custom bed that holds a full sized Stryker manual stretcher. The bed also has a bench seat for providers to tend to a patient and a mount for our Zoll monitor.

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