2021 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

It’s time for our annual breast cancer awareness t-shirt campaign!

Every year since 2014, LVRS has participated in breast cancer awareness month pink ribbon campaign to raise awareness for breast cancer. In addition our campaign helps raise money to support cancer treatment and research through a local non-profit. For every shirt purchased, a portion of the cost includes a donation to the VCU Massey Cancer Center earmarked for breast cancer awareness research.

The members of LVRS will be able to wear their purchased shirts on duty in October. This is a public fundraiser, so anyone can order a shirt. There’s a minimum of 12 shirts that need to be purchased in order for them to be printed.

Please help us support this cause!

Styles & Deadline

There are 3 shirt style options: regular length short sleeve, long sleeve, and women’s.

The deadline to order is September 14th, which will allow enough time for the shirts to be produced and delivered by October 1st.

We will likely not re-open the campaign after the deadline, so please place your order ASAP.

Move line left and right to see full shirt images.

Shipping & Other Details

  1. Squad members or family of a squad member: you can choose to have your order(s) delivered to the squad or to your personal address. Family members, send your receipts to your squad member relative and have them notify Jeremy Cummings that they will pick up your order.
  2. Non-members: please choose to have your order delivered to your personal address and NOT to the squad. We are not provided with your contact information and cannot usually arrange for pick up or delivery services.
  3. Questions? Contact Jeremy Cummings
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