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Since 1958

When a medical emergency arises, Henrico County calls on a network of first responders to provide immediate care at the scene. These highly trained individuals are often members of one of Henrico’s three volunteer rescue squads.


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911 Responses

On average, we respond to over 1,200 emergency calls for service annually within the County of Henrico.

50+ Active Volunteers

We have no paid staff or paid providers. Every member is a volunteer and must participate regularly in accomplishing our mission. Our volunteers are held to a level at or above that of any paid EMS provider.


Since 1958 we have provided no-cost emergency medical service care saving the County of Henrico on average $500,000+ per year. Members must maintain their required duty hours and must undergo a background check, as well as receive initial and ongoing agency-specific training. In addition, EMS providers are required to attend continuing education that is required to maintain their national and or state certification(s).

Our Mission

“To provide emergency medical services in and about the County of Henrico, Virginia, to citizens and visitors of the county at no cost for services rendered.”

With the increasing cost of business and medical care we are proud to be 100% volunteer and never charge our patients or their insurance company.

Our Core Values

  • Safety
  • Empathy
  • Education
  • Professionalism

Our Service Area

The Lakeside Volunteer Rescue Squad (LVRS) serves the central portion of Henrico County, Virginia, an area of approximately 34 square miles with a population of over 25,500. Though the primary service is centrally located in the county, LVRS is dispatched to calls anywhere within the County of Henrico and at times provides mutual aid to surrounding jurisdictions. Each year LVRS responds to more than 1,200 9-1-1 calls for service in addition to covering multiple special events in Henrico County and the City of Richmond.

Emergency Medical Services in Henrico County

EMS in Henrico County is provided by two volunteer rescue squads (VRS) consisting of Lakeside VRS and Tuckahoe VRS as well as career personnel with the Henrico Division of Fire.

Lakeside Volunteer Rescue Squad has been serving the community since 1958 and has provided the best level of care for over half a century as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, and operated as a 100% volunteer organization with no paid staff.

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Our Sister Squad to the West
Operating in the ODEMSA Region
Licensed Under the Office of EMS