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We are currently accepting applications for providers with previous EMS experience that currently hold a valid EMT certification, OR applicants who wish to help in a non-EMS capacity.  We will reopen to new EMTs in early 2020.

You don’t have to be currently working in health care.  In addition to members who work full-time for fire departments, hospitals, and paid rescue agencies, we have members who are: Engineers, CPAs, IT professionals, Students, Retirees, Lawyers, Teachers, Police Officers and more.

Whether you are interested in saving lives or working behind the scenes, you can come to the rescue!

Click here for a list of Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) classes nearby.  If you have questions about how to get started in this rewarding profession, feel free to call and leave us a message at 804-262-7498.

We always need people who can help with:

  • Building and Grounds
  • Fund Raising
  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • General Maintenance
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Administrative Assistance
  • Cooking for membership meetings and special occasions

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Operational Medical Director Invitational Application

To keep our organization growing and meeting the ever-changing needs of our community, we are looking to evaluate potential future operational medical directors to help facilitate our organization’s needs.

OMD Requirements:

  • Must possess a current and valid EMS Medical Director Certification from the Virginia Office of EMS or be willing to obtain such within 30 days of acceptance as the OMD.
  • Must possess and maintain an unencumbered, unrestricted, and undisciplined Virginia Medical License.
  • Must possess and maintain a valid and unrestricted DEA License. LVRS maintains a Virginia Pharmacy Registration to purchase and supply certain medications for patient use outside of the regional ODEMSA Medication Box. Applicants must be willing to support this program.
  • Must be readily accessible via phone call or email to the Training Officer or President as needed and must respond in a timely manner.
  • Must assist with QI/QA of Patient Care Reports.
  • Must attend at least one (1) Henrico County Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads quarterly meeting per year.
  • Must attend at least two (2) General Membership Meetings per year. General Membership Meetings occur on the third Wednesday of odd months (Jan, March, etc.)
  • Must attend at least two (2) Board of Directors Meetings per year. Board of Directors meetings occur on the first Wednesday of each month (unless moved due to holidays).
  • Provide or coordinate a minimum of 4 EMS educational classes per year.
  • Provide OMD services at no cost to Lakeside Volunteer Rescue Squad.
  • Provide general oversight of patient care delivery, assist in training providers, assist in protocol writing and approval, assist in the clearance of new ALS providers, provide guidance as needed in standard of care issues/incidents, serve as the ultimate authority in the ability for members to practice at their designated levels, comply with all VA OEMS requirements and duties stipulated of an OMD, and assist agency Officers as needed if requested. The Officers and Board have oversight of the agency’s overall operations and business function but may seek OMD guidance as required if a business or operational issue involves the OMD or an aspect of the OMD’s duties.
  • If the chosen OMD wishes to ride on a Lakeside ambulance and provide care which exceeds the scope of a Paramedic, the OMD must also possess and provide a copy of medical malpractice insurance, which permits such practice on an ambulance. The agency’s insurance only covers the practice up to the level of a Paramedic and the oversight practice as an OMD.

What LVRS will provide to our OMD:

  • LVRS OMD embroidered polo
  • LVRS OMD badge and agency identification
  • LVRS OMD job shirt
  • Any costs explicitly associated with maintaining the EMS Medical Director Certification
  • Henrico County portable radio (optional)
  • Personal property (car) tax relief if residing in Henrico County (or a neighboring locality that permits such)
  • Invitation to the annual agency banquet with a +1

If you feel that you would be an excellent fit to join our team as our OMD please click here to complete a quick application.