About Us

“We Volunteer Because We Care!”

When a medical emergency arises, Henrico County calls on a network of first responders to provide immediate care at the scene. These highly trained individuals, are often members of one of Henrico’s three volunteer rescue squads: Lakeside (LVRS), Tuckahoe (TVRS), or Henrico (HVRS). All three squads were founded during the 1950’s in response to the rapid growth of Henrico County.

Welcome to the Lakeside Volunteer Rescue Squad Web Site. Please come join us and learn about our history.

One of our very early vehicles here at Lakeside.

One of our very early vehicles here at Lakeside.

We want you to share the wonderful feeling of being there when people need us the most. Become a Member and get that feeling.

Emergency calls, Training, Public Education, and Fundraising Activities occupy most of our time at the Squad. We also staff units for stand-by at sports activities, RIR races, and other events.


Lakeside Rescue Squad is a member of the Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads. For more information, please visit their website.

Click here to visit the VAVRS website.