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“We Volunteer Because We Care!”

When a medical emergency arises, Henrico County calls on a network of first responders to provide immediate care at the scene. These highly trained individuals are often members of one of Henrico’s three volunteer rescue squads: Lakeside (LVRS), Tuckahoe (TVRS), or Henrico (HVRS). All three squads were founded during the 1950’s in response to the rapid growth of Henrico County.

Welcome to the Lakeside Volunteer Rescue Squad Web Site. Please come join us and learn about our history.

One of our very early vehicles here at Lakeside.

One of our very early Lakeside ambulances.

Our History

Original StationIt all started with 41 founding members from the Lakeside community who organized Lakeside Emergency Services.  The squad’s primary responsibilities were to transport people that were sick or injured. On January 25, 1958, the name was changed to Lakeside Volunteer Rescue Squad.

The original station was a small building that was located at 5400 Lakeside Avenue. In May 1959, a resident donated the property at 2007 Timberlake Avenue where a service station was located.  After the property was donated the service station was demolished to make way for the new station.

1962 Building DedicationOn April 21, 1962, the ground was broken and construction began on the new station. Only 16 months after breaking ground the building was completed.  On April 15, 1962, the building officially opened and crews began responding to calls. In September of 1962, hundreds of citizens attended the official dedication of the building.


Many things have changed in nearly 60 years.  Lakeside Volunteer Rescue Squad now answers nearly 1,500 calls a year, has a fleet of 3 ambulances, 1 quick response vehicle, and 1 all-terrain EMS cart.  Today’s ambulances are equipped with the most up to date equipment for Basic and Advanced Life Support.  The squad has a combination of over 60 volunteers who are trained EMT’s to Paramedics. To date the Lakeside Volunteer Rescue Squad if one of the last squads in the State of Virginia to provide emergency no cost EMS transport to medical facilities. All capital and operational expenses are paid for with funds received from donations, grants, Henrico County fund allocations, and the Four-for-Life program.

PVSA 2017

We want you to share the wonderful feeling of being there when people need us the most. Become a Member and get that feeling.

Emergency calls, Training, Public Education, and Fundraising Activities occupy most of our time at the Squad. We also staff units for standby at sporting and other events.

LVRS Patch

2020 Leadership

President: Lauren Shrader
Secretary: Tracie Delano
Treasurer: Nick Wieland
Operations Officer: Andrew Inge
Training Officer: Tristan Cox
Automotive Officer: Trey Powers
Chairman of the Board: J. Ryan Scarbrough

Operational Medical Director: Dr. Patrick Oliver
Legal Advisor: Charles Homiller, Esq.



 Lakeside Rescue Squad is a proud member of the

Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads (VAVRS).

For more information, please visit their website.

Click here to visit the VAVRS website.