Press Release

 In regards to the newscast related to our ambulance being stolen, the following is our official statement: Unit 16 was taken around 3am from the EMS tunnel at VCU Medical Center. The crew was inside transferring patient care to the hospital at the time. Through quick actions of the crew, those at our station, and

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Our newest addition to the fleet, Ambulance 15.

Lakeside Volunteer Rescue Squad Takes Delivery of a New 2014 Ambulance

The Lakeside Volunteer Rescue Squad (LVRS) has been providing emergency medical care to the citizens of Henrico County since 1958. On March 2 7, 2014 LVRS took delivery of their new 2014 Chevrolet g-4500 ambulance. After months of committee meetings, deliberating, and designing the new, $157,350 ambulance rolled off the production of Wheeled Coach and

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